Ojibway Artist Wayne Kodje

Hello, I’m Wayne Kodje, the artist and owner of Kodje Arts. I’m Ojibwe, and my ancestral community is the Nipissing First Nation, which is located next to North Bay, Ontario in Canada. Most of my family still live there, and I enjoy visiting them often. Currently I reside in Toronto, Ontario, where I live with my wife and youngest son.

I began my preparation for the arts by attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, in Halifax, from 1974 to 1976. Then, in trying to find my way through life, I didn’t seriously engage in a career as an artist until after many years working in public education.  However, with my retirement from education, I finally found the time to devote to my love of Ojibwe art.

In recent years I have taken an interest in the patterns, textures and colors of fabrics. When I look at them I can see the potential in them for telling the  stories of the Anishinawbek (Ojibwe people). The resulting images show a truly uncommon form of collage expression in the world of North American aboriginal art. I invite you to please visit my web-gallery to view this rare form of Ojibwe art. Each picture speaks about the ‘folklore of my people in fabric.’

I hope you enjoy my work, and their stories.


Ojibway Artist Wayne Kodje

Useage of Terminology

Please note that Kodje Arts uses the following terms interchangeably because there is no universally accepted spelling, as the terms originally existed only in verbal form: "Ojibway" may also be spelled "Ojibwe" or "Ojibwa"; "Anishinabe" may also be spelled "Anishinaabe" or "Anishinawbe"; "Anishinawbek" may also be spelled "Anishinaawbek", or "Ahishinawbec", or "Anishinabek", or "Anishinaabek", or "Anishinabec", or "Anishinaabec".