Celebrating a Successful Moose Hunt

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The Ojibwe have hunted moose for thousands of years. The moose was a prized animal for feeding families. Its large size provided plenty of meat. Also, the hide of the animal was used to make clothing and tent shelters. Today we still hunt moose, but not so much for the hide. The lean and tasty meat remains a favoured part of our diet.

In September of 2010, on a hunt with my son Steven, he shot his first moose. It was very exciting for us, but I wasn’t surprised by his success. Steven is as cunning as a fox when he hunts.

While I went to my brothers to help us haul the moose out of the bush, Steven stayed with the carcass. He sang songs to celebrate his good fortune, and to scare away wolves that were prowling in the area. He also had a rifle, just in-case the wolves didn’t appreciate his singing.

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